The Sea Sisters in the press

‘Lucy Clarke’s debut novel had me hanging on its every word. It manages to be both an interesting and dramatic story and also beautifully written. I found it extremely thought-provoking... With this absorbing, heartbreaking novel, Lucy Clarke shows she’s a writing force to be reckoned with. Bring on novel number two!’ Fabulous
‘You don’t have to go on your hols to appreciate this amazing beach read – the captivating story will send you to far-flung, exotic destinations... A gripping, unpredictable page-turner.’ Now
‘This may be set in sunny places like Bali and Maui but underneath lies the darker story of two sisters...deeply moving.’ Star
‘Moving back and forward between past and present, London, Australia and Bali, this is an atmospheric and enjoyable page-turner that makes good use of the exotic settings.’ Daily Mirror
‘A thrilling and perceptive debut that explores the complex relationship between sisters and loss at its rawest. Trust us, you won't be able to put it down.’ Cosmopolitan
‘Essential reading if you have a sister, as Clarke has totally nailed the complexities of that relationship. It's perfectly paced . . . oh, and you'll want to quit your job and go travelling.’ Heat
The Sea Sisters is one of those rare books that provokes genuine emotion and prompts you as the reader to think about your own life and relationships. I expect great things from Lucy Clarke and can’t wait for her next book.’ Keep Calm and Read a Book
‘I couldn't put it down. If you haven't read this already, you should! The characters and plot are well developed and thought out and I've never read anything like this before. It's a brilliant story full of twists and turns - an emotional roller coaster!’ The Mile Long Bookshelf
‘The raw emotions and rich discoveries as the characters learn about themselves and each other is fascinating and set against the back drop of wild and exotic travels only goes to add to the addictiveness of this book.’ Novelicious
‘I cannot recommend this book highly enough; the story and its characters will stay with me for a long time and I cannot wait to read more from Lucy Clarke in the future.’ Nudge
‘The suspense that she creates was perfect it managed to keep my interest meaning I devoured the book in no time at all. I was so hooked I found it an inconvenience when my clients were turning up early, did they not know I had an important mystery to solve! This is definitely one to read if you are looking for a compelling mystery.’ Rea Book Review
‘It was incredibly compelling to read... The Sea Sisters is the first book I read this year while sitting in the sunshine. It’s a book you just have to read outside; a contemporary novel set in exotic locations, exploring the complicated bond between sisters. I’d be surprised if it does not make you want to jump on a plane and go elsewhere’ The Pretty Books
‘I thought this book was quite gripping and read it in two days. I think that book clubs would find plenty to discuss on many levels; sibling rivalry, how death can divide or bring together families and the way travel can help to develop a person.’ NewBooks